Thursday, August 19, 2004

A New Experience

Hello Purple nation, Tark the chosen one here. Tark would like to personally welcome all of you to the start of the 2004 campaign for a world championship. Tark started off the campaign in a new lot, with new players on defense, and a new surfacew on the field. All of which Tark will touch on in this the first article of the 2004 campaign.

Well, Tark has to admit last Saturday's game was like Christmas morning for Tark. With anxious thoughts Tark watched the clock to finally make the journey to the beloved Metrodome. Tark was a little nervous, though with the word of a new tailgating lot. Tark was worried about the location, the riding of the bus or train to the dome, and the wait to get back to the lot after the game. All of the nation knows that Tark loved Washington Ave, so, there were alot of thoughts concerning how fun the new lot would be. It wasn't that bad. There could have been more fans there, but the ones that were there were familiar faces from Washington that Tark was excited to see. Tark would like to thank Don and Bev for making the journey to the new lot. The party took off once they were there. Tark must admit the bus ride was not too bad either. It was a very spirited group that was on the bus. All the faithfull were in purple, laughing and talking about the Vike's new season. The only bad thing was once we got across the city to the Dome it was like a party which we were crashing. The Plaza was rocking as always but in years past Tark felt part of it in Washington. Now it is just a stop between getting off the bus and going to the game. Still though, Tark ran in to some old friend on the Plaza, which is always fun. Getting back after the game was a breeze. The bus was waiting for us, and Tark got out of the lot right away with no problems. Tark believes that the new lot will be OK, Tark would just like to see more people there. Come on nation lets mak it the new Washington AVE.

Now on to Tark's thoughts on the game. What a fun contest to watch. Tark felt right at home in his favorite chair, Section 237, Row10, Seat 1. And as always it was great to see the faithfull followers in 237. Tark enjoyed watching the new additions on the team. The defense look great, hold the Cardinals to minimal yardage. The offense looked unstopable. Although, Tark will admit that it looked like it took a few tries to get comfortable in the new turf. Once they got going though, they looked great. Tark was most impressed with the lines on bothside of the ball. The best stat in Tark's eyes was no sacks allowed by the Offense and seven sacks made by the Defense. Beautiful feeling watching all do their job. Tark also thought the linebacker core was good. They stopped the run well and held the Cardinals on a crucial third and one. Like Tark said, just a fun contest to watch. It also felt good to see Dennis Green on the other side of the field, screwing up some other football club than ours. All said and done Tark saw no problems with the Purple squad. Tark believes there is nowhere to go but up, until we are competing for a World Championship in February.

One other note, Tark loved the new field. It looked very nice and comfortable. Tark also liked the new writing on the field. Tark likes it because it is the same field design that was on the field in the old Met Stadium. And the whole Purple nation knows how much success the Purple had on that surface.

So bring on the next victim and lets get another week out of the way for our run at the Bowl. Tark likes what he see's this far. Tark hope to see a lot more people in the new lot, Rapid Park. It is not that bad of site for a new Washington AVE. Take care and thank the football gods that we have such a great squad

Skol, Tark