Thursday, September 9, 2004

A Look Ahead

Hello faithful followers of the purple-headed one. After long consideration and thinking, Tark is ready to deliver his last script before the regular season for world domination begins. Tark wants all of the nation to know that he has sat down at this very purple keyboard many times, ready to write thoughts of the preseason. But every time Tark got in the mood to type, another change to the roster or injury occurred. So with all the pieces in place, the ring fingers measured for size, let us begin a trip in the mind of Tark, regarding the 2004 campaign for a world title.

The first issue Tark wants to cover is our kicking situation. After the San Fran game, Tark was ready to try out for the kicker himself. Tark was beside himself with thoughts like "it's only the preseason", "Elling will be OK" and then "Let's try and find him after the game and have a heart to heart talk". But as soon as Tark was able to collect his thoughts, Elling was gone and Conway was in. Tark was excited to see Conway against Seattle, but a field goal attempt never came. Tark kept an open mind, but was skeptical. Then Tark learned today that the Vikings had signed Morten Andersen, a very good pickup, even though he crushed every single purple-loving human in the world in 1998. But all is forgiven if he does the same for us as he has done with the Falcons and the Chiefs. Tark is comfortable with the kickers.

Now onto our running backs. One is hurt, one is ready, one is young and the other likes the pipe. Where does Tark start?!? Tark is glad that Bennett will probably be gone until the bye week. Tark is glad that Smith will be able to hold off his suspension until Bennett comes back. Tark is excited to see the rookie Moore come in and run. Tark likes what he sees with this kid. Tark especially likes watching Moore on the screen pass. Moore was shown great speed. That brings up Williams. All Tark is gonna say is last year we went 6-0 with him starting. Enough said.

The last observation Tark is going to make deals with the starting teams on both sides of the ball. The one constant in this preseason was that whenever the starters came off the field, the had total control of the game. They had the lead, the held on defense, and the offense was on fire all the time. Pepper put up incredible numbers. Tark believes he had a rating of over 112 in the preseason. Pepper put up something like 550 yards in passing, completed something like 31 out of something. On the other side of the ball, they sacked the quarterback like they were a disease, and they were the cure. Kevin Williams was in midseason form and our first round pick showed why he became a Viking. Because he is good. I see no problems with these guys.

In closing, Tark can't say enough about the new tailgate lot. Tark hopes to see a full lot of purple trucks, cars and vans. Tark knows it is on the other side of town, but give it a chance! If we fill this thing, it will be a lot of fun. Let the BBQ smoke roll and feel free to tap that first keg. On Sunday the Twelfth, the new campaign begins. Come out to the new lot and start in style. Then come to the house that Carter build and cheer as loud as you can. One thing is for sure; Section 237 will not be sitting down at all during the game. As always, come by and say "Hi" to Tark in 237. Get ready, purple. This is going to be a special year!