Monday, October 18, 2004

Who Needs a Punter

Hello faithful. Tark here with a quick note on the past two Viking contests. Tark is sorry he has not posted too many columns this year, Tark is not a very good computer wiz, and can't quite get that Blogger thing. So with the help of Tark's best bud, Jim, Tark will attempt to put down some knowledge.

The number one Offense. What a great stat to have. This Unit is rolling. Remember when we had so much trouble with our punter? Well fanatics, we haven't needed a punter in the last two games. The purple either score or turn the ball over, usually they score. Tark watched in amazement last night how easy Pepper and the fellas took apart the Saints. It reminded Tark of when Tark was a kid playing football in the park. Tark would run long and his pal would heave up the ball, and Tark would catch it on the fly for a TD. This squad is great to watch. Tark believes this will continue, although, Tark is a little nervous with RAMO hobbled on the sideline. Tark is also glad to see Moore coming up big for the purple. It is good to see some good fortune coming with all the injuries we have had lately. Tark has no idea what coach Tice will do when Bennett or Smith come back but, Tark is hoping that Moore keeps the job until he screws it up. Tark can't say enough about Pepper. He is just a thing of beauty. It is good to see him coming in to his own. So get comfortable Mr. Bennett, Tark hopes and believes you won't get much playing time this year.

Now on to the defense. COME ON FELLAS. WAKE UP. This is getting ugly. Tark was glad, though, to see an interception last night. Tark is getting sick of all these third down conversions. Cowboy up guys and get the job done. Tark had a great time in 1998, but let us not forget how it ended. We need a mediocre defense. That is all we need to get to the promised land. The only advice Tark has is, let's become the twelth man. On Sunday, scream your guts out. If our defense can't hold, maybe as a crowd, we can get the Titans so ruffled they can't get a play off. Think about it purple nation, it makes good sense to Tark.

As always. Tark will see you Sunday, in the parking lot, in the plaza, or in 237. Think about this twelth man idea, and cheer you a#% off.