Sunday, November 28, 2004

Down But Not Out

Last week, for the third straight game, the Vikings fell behind early in a game. And again, the Vikings fought back. Last Sunday, the Vikings were down 7-19 before coming to life. It started off badly as Detroit's Eddie Drummond took the opening kick 92 yards for the score. It looked like a slow death for Minnesota as Detroit scored on two of their next three drives. Oddly enough, the game saver was holding Detroit to a field goal in the second quarter.

But this game did not look unfamiliar. In fact, we saw this two straight weeks when Minnesota faced Green Bay and Indianapolis. Against the Colts, the Vikings were quickly down 0-14 and this game looked like a Monday night-mare. But the Vikings fought back eventually losing on a Mike Vanderjagt 35-yard field goal with 2 seconds left in the game. It looked bad the next weekend, too. The Packers scored on their opening drive (as did the Colts) and though the Vikings tried to keep pace, this was a depressing 10-24 deficit at halftime.

But again the Vikings did not despair or give up. They met heartbreak again as Packer kicker Ryan Longwell nailed a 33-yard field goal on the final play of the game.

You could call those losses back-breakers but the Vikings did not give up. Down, down, and down, the Vikings could have easily been buried in any of these games. Instead the Vikings fought back and lost by only a field goal. And after two straight close losses after coming from behind, the Vikings prevailed against the Lions. Yep, the Vikings were down but never out. If you need positive thoughts, look at these games and wonder what's in store...

The Fans Need to Step Up, Too!

Throughout the Detroit game before the comeback, the fans booed the Vikings off the field. I have to say shame on you fans. Do you really think booing motivates these guys to win? I urge you to cheer all game long and show their guys you care without booing. The Lions must have been laughing and enjoying it until the roof caved in on them. Frankly, I was embarrased to see such a display by fans of a team tied for first place in their division.


Though against a weaker opponent, the fight these Vikings show must provide promise and obviously this year is not last year. The Vikings are playing tough and now face a great challenge with their next 5 games against playoff or divisional opponents. The situation favors the Vikings with all the potential playoff teams coming to Minnesota.

For those haters who love to complain about the Vikings and deep down would prefer to see the Vikings collapse (you know who you are!), you could get your wish. If you want to see a collapse, like last year, it could come against a team wearing dark red on the road. After facing the playoff and divisional foes, the Vikings wrap up at the Washington Redskins to face a team that will likely have nothing to play for except pride (Washington is currently 3-7). Does that sound like the Cardinals game last year?

Bleed on,