Monday, December 6, 2004

Missed Opportunity

Hello faithfull followers of Tark, and others that are still nervous to come out. Webmaster Jim and Tark have made up, and Tark is back on the payroll writing purple thoughts. Tark has attempted to write a few scripts, but they are somewhere on the cyber highway. Tark hopes that they got on a Packer site by mistake.

Before Tark gets into the lesson plan, Tark would like to thank everyone that came by and congratulated Tark on 11-28-04, when Tark was featured in the Viking Playbook program, the you get at the games. This was a big honor, and Tark had a lot of fun with it. Thanks to the kids that asked Tark to sign it, and thanks to the parents that took Tark's picture. Once again Tark owes it to Mrs. Tark for entering the contest, and writing a great letter about Tark. Tark also owes a big thank you to the tailgate crew Don, Bev and Ben, and all the crazies in 237. Once again the only section in the Dome where it is encouraged to stand up and cheer as loud as you can.

Now on to Sunday's activites at Chicago. Tark isn't as mad about losing the game, Tark is mad about letting the opportunity of gaining a game on Atlanta slip by. This is for the first round bye, and the chance to host both play-off games at the dome. Mind you, Tark hates to see the purple lose, but Tark is more angry about missed opportunities. Speaking of that, Tark is also saddened about the fact that our defense can't stop third and seventeens anymore. Not once but maybe five times the Vikes had them stopped with third and over ten yards, but it didn't matter, the Bears picked it up anyway. Come on secondary, pick up the slack. Tark has nothing but praise for the front four. Five sacks, pretty good containment on the run, it was not their falt. The secondary has to pick it up if we are going to make a run.

Tark liked the offense for the most part.Tark hated to see some good drives end in turnovers. Tark loves RAMO a lot, but he needs to get his game back and start making more catches and touchdowns. Tark would love to see the old RAMO flying down the field Sunday against Seattle a few times. Come on fellas, don't let Tark down. Tark liked to see Pepper run in Chicago. Tark believes this is a big pert of our game, and wants to see Pepper take off more. Everyone knows he can run, do it more often. Tark also would like to see the Offense line come back to where they were eatrlier in the season. Seems like they are not making any holes for Smith to run through. Tark knows it is late in the season, but really the season is just beginning. This is where you show the rest of the league you got the mustard to make a run in the play-offs.Come on fellas get her going.

Tark has to sign off now, to winded. Tark hopes all had a great Thanksgiving, and your Christmas season is going good. Come on over to 237 and say hi to Tark Sunday. As always Tark will be the one on the rail. Take care.