Monday, December 13, 2004

Not Done Yet

Greetings fellow purple maniacs, and welcome to another edition of Tark's words to live by. This is going to be wild column, Tark has a few things he wants to get off his chest after yesterday's loss to Seattle. It is not just the players that Tark lost faith in yesterday, a lot of the fans pissed off Tark also. So before old Tark loses his concentration, let's get the ball rolling.

Tark was upset about the play of some of the purple yesterday, but we will get to that next paragraph. Right now Tark wants to talk about some of the fans. What happened to the noisiest crowd in the NFL? After yesterday, Tark thinks the Cardinal fans were more excited at home. All 25,000 of them. Tark recalls a time in the game with about eight minutes left. Seattle had the ball and was driving. Tark was doing his old tricks, you know, walking around down front, picking a section to run up and hop a rail, you know - the things Tark is known for. Well it seems Tark was the only one in second level. People watched, laughed and took pictures of Tark, but nobody stood up. Tark was flapping his arms - doing whatever it took - but nobody got up. Come on, people! This was a critical time of the game. Our guys needed to hear us. We needed to throw off the Seahawks rhythm. Something, anything, but instead most of us just sat there puzzled and thought "Oh well, this team wasn't going anywhere anyway". Come on guys! This is what we live for! Nobody comes in to our house and pushes us around! We are not a pansy team, we are the Minnesota Vikings. We have a rich history, great players and super fans. This is the Thunderdome, Mike Ditka hated this place, Brett Farve still hates this place, all opposing coaches hate this place. Why? Because it is LOUD. So on Christmas Eve, show Tark something. When it is time to get up and be heard - let's go. If you don't know when that time comes, just get up and yell anyway, someone will join in. And when Tark asks you what you would rather be doing right now, don't say "ice fishing", say "CHEERING LOUDER".

All right. Now on to yesterday's action. Tark had a great feeling when the purple were up 10-0. Then the roof kind of came in. Before Tark got back from the restroom, it was 14-10 Seahawks. Tark thought the Offense played good. Tark knows everyone is upset about the Moss Pass. Usually it works and if it worked yesterday we would be all good right now. It didn't work. Time to move on. Once again Tark believes our secondary is to blame. Tark saw Seahawks running open everywhere. They could't be stopped. Althought Tark liked the play of Russell, the interception was good to see again. Tark also thought the front four did great pressuring the quarterback. K. Williams is gonna be good, and he proves it every game. Good job, front four. Oh yeah, Tark even heard Hovan get called on the P.A. system, good to have you back too. Tark does not know what is going on with this team, but they have to pull it together, and become one unit if we are going to play in January.

Enough rambling, time for Tark to move on. We have one game left in the Dome, lets make it very memorable for the Pack. Get as crazy as you can. Tark believes all games are important right now. We can win three in a row, they are very simple games. It is time to get behind this team and help them get over the hump. Enjoy these games and the rewards will be high. We can do this Minnesota, it is time to Bleed Purple!