Monday, December 20, 2004

Tark Takes a Road Trip

Hello, nation! Is everybody happy after yesterday's action? Tark sure is. Not only did Tark enjoy seeing a victory, but where the game was viewed was awesome. No, Tark did not go to Detroit. Tark went to a great Viking village named Center City, Minnesota. Tark is going to write some thoughts about the action yesterday, but Tark also has to let the loyal readers know about this great little town in Eastern Minnesota.

As the faithful know, Tark has two really special friends in "237", named Don and Bev. Tark has mentioned them quite often in his past articles. Well, Sunday Tark was invited to the Porter House bar In Center City, MN, to partake in the festivities and traditions that happen there on Sunday afternoons when the Purple are on. This town is a true Viking town. The three things that matter the most in this town are the Vikings, fishing, and hoping your car will start in the cold. On game days, Don revs up the Viking wagon, and drives around town yelling on the P.A. system that the Vikings are on and you better tune in. Don also reminds people what channel and when kick off is. Then the wagon turns in to the Porter House Bar and the party is on. Brett and Kelly are the hosts and put on a great spread. Brent Joe and Victor are in the front row ready to watch the Purple do their thing. Kelly makes sure the official Viking blanket is up, and the good luck bull dog is out. Then in the back taking it all in is Don's brother Dave. Dave also is the one to see if your car won't start, he will come and get you. Making sure the gang is loud enough is Viking Man Steve. Steve has a great first down dance, complete with a Viking horn. And what would a Minnesota bar be without it's trademark Packer fan. Fast Eddie takes care of this task. Eddie is a great guy and can take all the ribbing you can dish out. So with all the gang there, Tark was feeling very gracious to be a guest. The game was great and atmosphere was outstanding. Tark wishes he could sneak this whole gang in to the Dome, Friday, because they know how to cheer. Great times and a super town. If you need a great place to watch a game or see a great Minnesota town, swing in and tell them Tark sent you.

Now about yesterday. Tark is tired of hearing "oh, they got lucky" or "they should have lost that game". Well people, we won. Tark does not care how it happens, when the Purple get a victory it is a good day in Mudville. Let Tark mention this, If the mighty Packers won this way it would be another miracle, or we would here something about the football gods shining. Bull crap, a win is a win. Tark can't wait to walk out of the dome Friday with the division crown. Tark loved seeing Pepper and RaMo hooking up. That was a beautiful touchdown. It was good to see the Offense clicking again. It was also good to see Mr. Bennett back in the mix. Michael did some great running yesterday. It is no secret that Tark loves the screen pass. Tark believes nobody can run it better than Bennett. As far as the Defense, well, Mr. Winfield will be back for the Packers and that is about all Tark can say good about that. Although, the Defensive line did come to play yesterday. As always it is good to see some of that unit kicking butt.

Well, enough from Tark. Tark has to go out and shovel now. Thanks again to the folks in Center City, great time. Tark can't wait for the ultimate tailgate party Friday in the Wagon. Feel free to come to the wagon and see Tark and have some great grub. Or, stop by "237" and say "hi". Whatever you do, be ready to rock the Dome Friday and let's take the division!!!