Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Randy Earns Superfreak Nickname

Wow, what a game by Randy Moss! On one bad leg, Randy scored and showed America what a coddled superstar athlete is like and showed us all what is right and wrong with American sports. I really don't want to write a lot about what Randy should do but I do have to get something off my chest.

On the field, Randy is a freak of nature. He has the ability no one else has. Without being open, Randy can shift into a higher gear and blow by any defensive back. If you throw it up for grabs, odds are he will get it.

But off the field, Randy is a superfreak as well. Not afraid of the police, unafraid of the media, and proud of whatever he can and will do. He will say whatever he wants. In the public relations-based world we live in, Randy's not afraid to admit he takes plays off and he doesn't care if you know he doesn't listen to teammates like Matt Birk (who oddly enough is trying to help Randy and the team). Yes, Randy is a freak off the field.

I've been trying to figure out what's going on. This man has the ability to do whatever he wants. Unfortunately, he does. But why?

Is this the sign of a coddled child? Is this simply a man who has it all? Or is it a man who fears nothing.

On the football field, you want no fear. You want to own the ball and run with it. However, off the field, we want a player who plays nice, repeats the clich├ęs, and smiles for the cameras.

We don't exactly get that from Randy, do we? Like it or not, we get the total Superfreak.