Monday, March 7, 2005

Tark's Ups and Downs

Hello frozen fanatics of the Vikings. Tark here - ready to resume the greatest and most one-sided column out there. Tark says one-sided because it is all about the purple, and it all from a Homer. There will be discusion about the Moss trade, some free agents and the upcoming sale. It is tough for Tark to stay positive about these topics, but Tark will do his best.

First and foremost, Tark is sorry for the long delay. Tark was too ecstatic to write after the Green Bay whooping, too bummed to write after the Eagles loss, and every time Tark sits down to do an update, something changes with the purple. Now on to business...

Randy, Randy, Randy, what happened? First he wasn't going anywhere, then he was in Oakland, because Oakland was the only team that would take him. Tark was not in favor of this trade at first. Then, Tark did some thinking. What if Napoleon works out and fits in? We need a linebacker, he is young *and* from the Midwest! This might work out. Then Tark thought, hey, we got the number 7 pick. Tark would love the purple to grab a cornerback with that pick. Someone like Brodney Pool, Pac Man Jones, or Antrel Rolle. Two defensivce players would make this trade work. Tark says give it a chance, see what shakes out. If our "D" can hold so we don't have to score 40 points a game, this will work.

Another piece of the puzzle is free agency. Tark likes Pat Williams. He will help out a lot. We haven't had somone like that since Jerry Ball. Great pick-up. But, let's not end there. Tark has been watching the wire, and there are still some players that could help us. Just in case Tark - will give some names that would look good in purple. How about Andre Dyson. Or maybe Gary Baxter. Ty Law would also help us out in the defensive backfield. Tark also likes at the linebacker position: Ed Hartwell or Kendrell Bell. Tark really would like to see the purple get a veteran WR. It would be a tragedy if they wasted the #7 pick on a wide receiver. Tark thinks There are plenty out there still. The bottom line is there are still good players to be signed. All Tark is asking for is a couple more names.

Mr. Fowler, can he get it done? Tark thinks so. Tark believes Mr. Fowler will get league approval, and bring back some fire this team needs. Tark likes the silent partners Mr. Fowler has, and believes great things will come from this transaction. As far as Red is concerned. Tark likes Mr. McCombs. He has done a lot for the organization. The only guy to sell out the dome since '98, and have a waiting list for season tickets. I will hate to see Mr. McCombs go, but Tark believes a change is needed. One note for Red from Tark - don't leave the team in shambles, sign some players and help us out. Think of it as a thank you for all of the faithful who have helped keep the dome sold out.

Well there you have it, just some things Tark had on his mind. Tark's next article will be about the upcoming NFL draft. Look up Tark for his thought on who should be in Purple next season.