Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tark's Draft Preview

Hello, Nation. Tark, the chosen one, here - ready to give the Draft preview According To Tark. Tark has given a lot of thought to this article, and hopes everyone agree with the picks. Just remember anything can change with the dreaded draft day trade. If all stays in check this should be a great draft, and the Vikes will add to their championship drive in 2005.

First, hats off to the Vikes for all their free agent acquisitions. Apparently when Tark wrote his last entry, some people at Winter Park took notice. What a defense! Smoot and Winfield on each side, Sharper and Chavious behind them, and big Pat Williams in the front. Tark is still waiting to comment on the linebacking corps. Cowart was a good pick up and Harris is still in the wings. Tark will have to wait and see how they gel. At any rate, this has been the most successful offseason in memory. Taylor was good pick up also, as our second or third receiver. So - way to fill the holes, guys! Keep it up on the draft.

Now on to the meat of the post. Tark is tired of searching all the mock drafts out there. Half have us taking Williams from U.S.C., and the other half have us taking the Defensive end from Wisconsin. then, there is that small crowd hoping we take the Linebacker from Texas. Well here is what Tark thinks should happen.

The Draft is deep in Cornerbacks and Receivers. Tark would like to see Mike Williams picked up at the #7 pick. That would solidify the Offense. The Moss trade would be a distant memory with that acquisition. Now here is where people think Tark is way off in left field. Tark would like to see the Purple get the kicker from Ohio State, Nugent, with the 18 pick. That's right, a Kicker.

Tark knows you all think I am crazy for this pick. Tark doesn't care. Nugent can win three games for the purple. Plus, putting some kickoffs in the end zone wouldn't be a bad thing also. The nation cries all the time when the kicks only get to the 10 or 20 yardline. Well - here is your answer. What could be better than starting at the 20 once in a while. This kid can also hit a few field goals from 50 yards plus. How sweet would that be - actually having a kicker you believe in that can get the job done. Kind of like having a Gramatica in his prime, or a Vinatieri. Sounds good, doesn't it. Kind of starting to see Tark's point of view, huh?

Then with the second round Pick, Tark believes that Pac-Man Jones from West Virginia will be there. He is listed at about the fourth spot on the chart for cornerbacks. He should be around.

Well that is Tark's choices for the first three picks.

All is good in Purple land. We have a great future. Tark will be attending the Draft party in full gear. Tark hopes to see all the crazies from section 237. Stop Tark and say hi or talk about ball. Tark is looking forward to a great draft party, and a wonderful season.