Monday, August 8, 2005

I'm Back

Hello, nation! Welcome to another great campaign! Your resident purple-headed fanatic here - ready to write some one-sided thoughts about the very much improved Minnesota Vikings. Tark has had a great summer, with some of it still to come. Tark will be taking the family out west soon to enjoy the sights of Yellowstone Park, but that is another tale. Tark is sorry it has taken so long to shoot out an update to the nation, but every time Tark sat down to write some thoughts, another great move was made by the Purple. Tark doe not know where to start. We could start with the great veterans that were signed on defense, or the big change in ownership, or the draft picks, but we will not talk about old #84. That is in the past and Tark does not live in the past. Tark has no comment on #84 - so don't ask.

How about the Defense. What a big off-season. Way to open up the wallet. Tark really likes the way things are shaping up. Tark's favorite signing was Pat Williams in the middle, We haven't had a big presence since Jerry Ball. Tark likes the big guy. Tark was sorry to see Hovan leave, but a change was needed. Good luck, Mr. Williams. Fred Smoot. Just the name means big time coverage. Tark was very excited about the updating at cornerback. This has been a problem for about 6 years. Maybe this time we took care of it. Tark is confident that watching Smoot and Winfield will be like poetry on the field. Good luck, Mr. Smoot. One more player and we will move on to the next subject. Hello, Mr. Darren Sharper. Welcome to the West side of the River. Tark loves any Packer that comes across the river. Some say injuries might be a problem with Sharper. Tark thinks he looks great in camp, and let his play do the talking. Good luck Mr. Sharper. There were a number of other signings Tark could get in to and discuss. Tark likes the new linebacking corps, Tark likes the wide receiver, Taylor, and Tark just feels good about the whole off-season.

On to the new Owner. Welcome, Mr. Wolf! We don't know that much about you yet, but you are saying the right things. Never moving the team, new open air stadium, that kind of stuff. Remember though, this was all said before in 1998. And we all know what kind of reception Mr. McCombs gets now. Stick to your word, Mr. Wolf and enjoy your investment. Tark believes you made a great buy, and is excited that we can concentrate on football and not things like moving and the stadium. Stay focused Mr. Wolf, and good luck in turning the ship towards Detroit. Tark is very excited to meet you, and trust me, you will meet Tark, somewhere sometime. Be ready!

Tark should wrap this up. Tark could ramble on and on. It is time to say hi to some new friends and old friends. Tark is excited to have long time Viking fans Trish and Derrick, joining the fanatics in Section 237. This will be the first of many seasons for them. Tark also wants to send a shout out to his two old bosses in Washington DC, good luck and keep cheering for the purple. Tark also notes his following in Pittsburgh, and West Virginia U. We will have a special scroll for you guys in week 15. Tark is very excited to get back to his favorite chair in the world. Section 237, row 10, seat 1. Tark can't wait to share a beer with Don and Bev and the rest of the tailgating crew. Let's face it, Tark is just excited to get the season going. So let's get it going and remember these few facts. 1998 was the best season in Vikings history. 1998 and 2005 have some things in common. First, we switched owners then and now, second we drafted a wide receiver then and now, third we started the season with Tampa Bay then and now. Tark truly believes we will have the same incredible season as we did in 1998 with the exception of making it to Detroit. Good luck fans, and as always, come on by section 237 and say hi to Tark. You can't miss him, he is in row 10 wearing all Purple. Out.