Monday, September 26, 2005

Here We Go

Hello Nation, Tark here with some happy thoughts for a change about the purple. What a day yesterday, Huh? Everything was clicking along just like Tark thought it could. This was the team that we thought we had coming off an OK preseason. There were a few bumps along the way, which we will discuss as the scroll continues. But, overall a good game and a good start to some victories in the future for the purple.

Tark was on fire at the start of the game. After an 0-2 start we could have laid down. No way, not at our house. A superior play to get the ball and go up 7-0 before even deflating the ship after the player intros. And the intensity continued. 17 points in the first quarter is outstanding. Tark was so proud of the offense. Here are some more reasons why: Moore's 100 yard plus rushing day, Williamson's 58 yard touchdown. Edinger going 4 for 5 in fieldgoals. And all the other little things that went right. With the good comes the bad. Here are some things Tark did not like. The seven sacks given up by the O line. Pepper is tough, but even seven sacks takes a toll on a guy sometime. And one play call. Let's see third and one on the sixth yard line. Even Tark knew the QB sneak was coming, but no we go for the money shot and end up with three instead of seven. Coaches need to think about field location before calling bone head plays like this. Over all though, Tark was very happy and elated with yesterday's action.

Tark was also impressed with the Defense. Everyone knows Tark makes a living out of standing on the rail on third down, and helping the defense. Well, when the defense stops them every time except twice, Tark really feels like the job got done. Nice pressure fellas. Turnovers, it is about time. The secondary is playing great finally. But every one knows it comes from the pressure on the quarterback. It was sure nice to see Brooks running for his life yesterday, and throwing away passes. Very good outing for the "D"as far as Tark is concerned. Oh yea, Tarks player of the game, Antoine Winfield. An interception, a fumble recovery and a whole lot of tackles make this guy an asset to have, especially yesterday.

Well that should wrap it up from Tark. Not much to say because nothing bad happened yesterday. A great day to be purple. Tark, as always, wants to thank Don and Bev and the whole gang for letting us take part in the best tailgating party in the area. Always fun to sit in the war wagon and toast everything from no rain to Tark's new boxers. Good times. Tark also sends a shout to his favorite Maytag repair man in Nebraska. Keep the faith, and keep making the drive up here. Tark has one more well wish. This goes to the new readers in the Oklahoma City area. I heard it is hard to get good, true, tainted home bias information on the purple. Well, my friends, you have found the best purple website on the whole thing. Keep reading and don't be scared to shout a reply to Tark. Take care.