Sunday, September 11, 2005


Hello, faithful. Tark here. Just got back from the game today. Tark titled this "Unknown." That is how Tark feels right now - Unknown. The good thing about an 80 mile ride home is that you think a lot. Tark thought about the title to this scribe and came up with "Unknown." There are many issues Tark could write about. The main thing is the Purple are 0-1 with a lot of games left. Instead of 12-4, Tark is now going with 11-5. Yes, Tark had this written in as a win, but, is grateful that, for a change, we are going to talk about the Offense's bad game. There are a few issues that Tark is going to touch on. so here we go.

Right off the bat, Tark wants to know, where was #19. We drafted him number 7, you don't let a #7 pick watch the game. Tark feels this guy is a game breaker and should have been out there today. Williamson has speed and good hands, when you can't run the ball PASS. Troy was there for the asking, all game. Why not play him. He is the future, and the heir to #84. Give the 64,000 plus what we came to see, and what we drafted. Tark is very upset with this decision. Play him, that is why we passed up on Mike Williams. You want speed, he has it. This is what Tark feels. If you don't agree, write a comment. As fans, we should be upset to have all that money tied up as a spectator. Hell, if he isn't going to play next week, Let him come up to 237 and watch the game with Tark and all the crazies. Enough about that, if you don't know by now, Tark is a big fan of #19.

Next, If Bennett can't cut the mustard, Let Faison carry the ball. Once again, lots of players on the bench, if one can't cut it, switch them out. Tark believes we draft these players for a reason. Pre-season is not a reason. If they can contribute, and you are going to pay them a gazillion dollars, PLAY THEM. Faisom has a lot on his mind. Why was he taken so late in the draft. Why were the other running backs taken in front of him? Williams is his enemy, do you think Faison wanted to prove something today? Yes he did. He had a great preseason, let him earn his check. Moving on.

For once, great job by the defense. This crew was on fire. Nice stop on the runs, and nice interception by Mr. Sharper. I am glad you are here. Also, hats off to the Williams boys, you guys are great. Nice tandem. Tark could watch these two all day. Tark has nothing bad to say about this group.

Tark has one last beef, then Tark will close out. Mr. Withrow, is going to be OK. Tark is proud to say Cory is a friend, through church, Tark has gotten to know Cory. He is a great guy, and will get better. Cory has been through a lot, and finally got his break. He is a starter in this league, and deserves it. Good Job Cory. By the way, Tark likes this guy so much, Tark named his second daughter, Kori. Good job.

Tark is going to close out now.Tark has to say, it was great seeing everyone in 237 again. Special shout to Don and Bev and the crew from Center City. You guys are great, and it is always good to see you. Oh yea, Tark has to say one thing to the readers in Pittsburgh. This was one game. All it means is Tark can get more money for his ticket when the Steelers come to town, because now, home field for the play-offs just tightened up. But, the purple will be there.