Monday, October 24, 2005

Apologies and Thrills

Hello Vikingland, Tark the terrific here to administer another great post from the purple mind of the purple head that we call Tark. Wow, what a day to be a viking fan. Tark hopes everyone had as much fun at the office today as he did. Tark has heard from people that haven't called for years during the loosing streak and other items. Well, Tark kept a list, and it took awhile, but Tark was able to call, talk, and e-mail everyone back. And what did they say?? It was only one game, or the Pack always loses on the Dome. Face it people, yesterday was the spark, and Tark will not allow readmittance on the band wagon. Anyway, lets get in to the action from yesterday.

Tark mentioned apologies in the title. Well here it is, Tark is sorry he did not watch the second half. Tark did watch it, just not in his seat. Tark went to visit some friends at half time. We talked and visited, then Tark headed back to 237. Well, on the way, the Vikes score a field goal. Then they score a touchdown. Well if you don't know it Tark is very superstitious. Tark figured, hell, they are doing well when Tark is not in his seat. Tark was in his seat the whole first half and we all know how that went. So Tark stayed down in the tunnel and watched and listened to the game. As Tark stayed there, the momentum kept picking up. A few of Tark's friends came down and asked whaTark was doing. After explaining Tark's beliefs, they understood. So in the future, if Tark is not in his seat, and the purple have turned it up a knotch, just look in the tunnel and you will see Tark pacing and praying.

On to the game. One thing Tark loves to hear when we play the Pack is "franchise record" Anytime that phrase is used it has to be good. Tark can't think of any better way to improve yourself than with a 56 yard field goal in the closing seconds to beat the Pack. Great kick Paul, still upset about Chicago, but great kick. This especially has to be nice because of all the close games that we should have beaten the Pack but failed to capitalize. Redemption is great.

Tark has no real way to explain the game. Everything that went wrong in the first half did and everything that could go right in the second half did. It got so bad, even Tark truly thought Brad Johnson would start the second half. Luckily he didn't.Tark's player of the game, well lets go with players, is the following: Mewelde Moore on Offense, Pat Williams on Defense and K. Robinson on special teams. Tark would probably go with K. Robinson as player of the game. If it wasn't for his spectacular returns the "franchise record" field goal would not have happened. Tark is still a little uneasy with our secondary. Tark feels Favre made it look to easy in the first half. They buckled down though and came around. Tark really feels good about the front four. The pressure is coming and the run stopping ability is great. Keep it up.

Tark is not saying this season is now turned around, but, about this time last year we lost to the Giants and went to hell. Wouldn't it be great if the trend was losing first then come back strong and shut everyone up?? Could happen, if ever a game could give a team a boost this "franchise record" setting game could. Keep the faith purple and just remember if Tark is not in his seat, he is in the building, somewhere pacing.

Tark would like to thank all the fans that checked on him in the tunnel. Also Tark wishes his best purple buddy, Bev, a very happy birthday. Tark has never seen a hotter 50 year old in his life. Great time in the lot, Sunday, as always. Good seeing Tarks favorite Nebraska Maytag repair man in the lot also. Just proves that the best tailgate party up there involves all the crazies from section 237. Keep the faith nation this could be the spark needed. Oh yea, one other thing, if there are any so called fans out their that are pissed off enough that they don't want to go to anymore games, call Tark. Tark will find some good, purple bleeding, loud cheering fanatics to buy your tickets.