Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Finally "The Bye"

Hello fellow fanatics, and a great welcome to the chosen purple one's feel-good, stay-positive scroll. That is right, as much as the boys have stunk it up so far, we will stay positive here. Tark took an early Bye last weekend. Tark took a trip to Morgantown WV, to watch the Mountaineers take on Va Tech. Tark was also there to celebrate college with his two favorite nieces Laurie and Jesse. Good times as always, and we will get in to that much and, also some hard facts about the purple. Ready? Tark is.

West fricking Virginia. What a time. What an atmosphere. Those fans are the real thing, and it is always great to get back to the college game. Some of the highlights include, a great sunny day, in an outdoor arena. A chance to watch the game, shirtless, due to the heat. A tailgate party which even rivals the ones we have here. And, lots and lots of very attractive female students. First of all, Tark could not believe the stadium fans. They stood during the entire game. Tark means the entire game, from the coin toss to the whistle, 70,000 on their feet, always. Tark thought that was outstanding. Plus all the little traditions at the game, jingling their keys, firstdown chants, and so on. Tark will try to bring some of these to the Dome next time, so pay attention. Tark would like to thank all the great kids that hosted the wonderful weekend, and thank the nieces for a great time.

Now on to the Atlanta game. Luckily Tark was at the airport sweating out delays during most of the game. But, for the plays Tark watched, it was terrible. Here some of Tark's observations. Where the hell is our O line. Come on guys, do your jobs. How can this line change so much in one year. Except for Dixon, this is pretty much the same line. Tark puts 75% of the blame on this group. Pepper is not going to be Pepper without a little protection. It looked to Tark like as soon as they snapped the ball, The ends were all ready on Pepper. The protection is one thing that needs to be addressed during the bye. Note to Tice, let Tark come up there and get in to these guy's grill and straighten them out. If you are scared, Tark can get the job done. Also, start charging team fines for stupid penalties, and blown coverage. Do some thing to pull their heads out their asses.

Tark will be easier on the defense. Tark understands all the injuries and so on, but, Vick was out and you made the back up look good. We have to tackle. We have to stay focused, and we have to do our jobs and stay home. This is the same thing Tark tells his fourth grade football team. Maybe the purple need to get the same speech and remember the small things. Come on guys, we signed all these superstars on defense in the off season, earn your money. Quit running your gums and make a play. That is all Tark is going to say.

Well closing time again. Stay smiling nation, and remember we are tied for first place, and in the thick of the play-off race. We have three key games coming up with our division and conference. Let's right the ship coming out of the bye and take care of business against the Bears. Take the week off, relax and spend some time in deep thought. The first quarter of the season sucked, lets get the next three on track. Oh yeah, if you want to hear more about the weekend in Morgantown, sorry. What Tark does in Morgantown, stays in Morgantown