Sunday, October 9, 2005

Thoughts at the "Bye"

Hello faithful followers of the great purple squad we call the Vikings. Tark here again to try and get you thinking, raise some questions, make you scratch your head, and make you still believe in the Vikes. So get a refreshment, I suggest something hard, and enjoy the script.

Does any one out there have any level of experience for coaching football? If so go ahead and drop a line, including your resume, to Ziggy, at Winter Park in Eden Prairie, MN. You might have a shot at your NFL coaching debut. That is what it is going to take folks. A half page ad in every newspaper looking for a head coach. Tark truly believes coach Tice is lost. Tark thinks he has no concept of play calling and is on the verge of losing this team. Tark helps coach a team of fourth grade kids. These are great kids, but on occasion, they need to be disciplined. Tark does this by having them run laps. Maybe instead of laps, Tice should impose fines. Maybe a thousand for every stupid play, missed block or penalty. Do something, get in theses guys's grill, don't hire over the hill "consultants". If you are going to have a team meeting, call some of these guys out. Ask the "O" line why Daunte is getting sacked so much. Ask the running backs why they can't help out blocking. Ask the linebackers why they can't make a tackle, except at the dome. Fire them up, get them mad, wake up the giant. And also bench who ever leaked this to the media. If you can't trust your team in a meeting, how can you trust them on the field? OK, Tark is done ripping on things, Tark also said that in this script he was going to talk positives take another sip of that refreshment and hang on.

The NFC North race is great right now. The Vikes are only one game out. Our destiny is in our hands. The Purple could make a great run if they want. Our next four games involve Three division rivals and Carolina. Now Tark is not saying the Vikes could run the table, nor do they need to, but, 3 out of 4 would be nice. Hell even a split wouldn't be bad. Tark believes the squad could definitely make up some ground coming up. Tark would truly like to be 4-4 at the half way point of the season. This is possible, if they open it up a little more. Tark is not saying bombs away all the time to Willaimson, but, just because Moss is gone doesn't mean we can't go long once in a while. Williamson is good, and as stated before by Tark, he is faster than Moss and should be given a chance. Anyway, this season is long from over. The Purple are in a race for first place in the division and that is great. Stay positive and believe.

The next home game is against the Pack. Tark is very excited for this. The fans should be in rare form after waiting four weeks for the return of our squad. Lets be loud and standing. Bottle up all your emotion and let it go at the Packer's game. Tark will have plenty of ear plugs for those who need them, just ask. See you guys in the lot, then in "237". Thank you and good night.