Thursday, November 10, 2005

Purple Thoughts From Tark

Hello nation, and when Tark says nation, Tark means nation. Welcome to the Oklahoma's, the Pittsburgh's, the Texans, Tark's favorite Maytag repairman in Nebraska, and of course the brass in Washington. Thanks everyone for checking in with the perfect, perplexed, purple one. Tark hasn't checked in for a while, so much going on with the squad and all. Tark has many thoughts and ideas brewing in the great purple mind. This is why, Tark is going to try and clear out some thoughts and raise some questions. Tark wants everyone out there to give some feed back and scratch their heads a little. Tark is fine, and appreciates the reminders to get a scroll out there for every one. So here we go.

Mr. Culpepper. What a loss for the purple. Tark is very sorry for the injury, but believes Pepper will be back sooner, quicker, and stronger that expected. Tark understands that Pepper wasn't having a stellar season, but he was the team leader. As of now Tark is behind Johnson, but can't wait until next season for Pepper's return. Injury is a terrible way to end the season, much less a career. Tark hates it when people say Pepper is over with. He is a very strong athlete in body and mind. Pepper will overcome this setback just to prove everyone wrong. Tark just wonders why Pepper has the best medical center in the world in his own backyard. Why does he have to go to Alabama for the surgery? Hell, I hope the doctor has all his chicklets and shoes on. Good luck Pepper, the season is not over. Tark never thinks that way. Johnson will get us through this.

Mr. Johnson. Well here you go, centerstage. Many of Tark's 64,115 closest friends wanted you to play for a long time. Tark thought you had a great game against Detroit. A good warm up to get you comfortable in the saddle again. All eyes are on you now to stop the hex of going on the road. Tark likes how you run the offense, and play calmly. Tark notices the great patience you show while sitting in the pocket. Tark doesn't think this team will miss a beat with at the helm. Tark was a big fan of you in 1997 and 1998 and Tark believes in you now. Good luck the rest of the way, and run your own game the way you do.

Division Title. Yes that is right, Tark truly believes this team will win the NFC North. Tark is positive the January 1 game against the bears will be for the title. Tark is also sticking with the 9-7 prediction. We have a soft schedule, and have a lot of games at home to wrap up the season. Tark thinks we will win in Green Bay and in Detroit. Add that up with the home wins and we are at 9-7. Tark needs all 64,115 friends to believe in this. The season is only half over. We are starting off the second half with a win and a new quarterback. Lots of positives. Tark wants it known that, as the driver of the bandwagon, after this Sunday the door will be closed. Get on now, and ride this crazy season with the crazy purple guy from "237."

Tark hopes to hear back from everyone. The time is now Minnesota, time to get behind this squad in a positive way. Time to get behind the once great now starting quarterback. Time to get behind this Defense, which is coming along great. The division is ours to take. Help Tark and get behind this squad we all love dearly.

Thanks to all the well wishers that were at the game last Sunday. And as always, thanks to Don and Bev for letting Tark participate in the best tailgate party at the Dome. Take care and scream loud on Sunday.