Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sucked Back In: Vikings Surprise New York

Sucked Back In: Vikings Surprise New York

13 November, 2005

The true believers expected a win in New York. Recently, the Giants have owned the Vikings. When the Vikings recovered the opening kick's fumble on the New York 27-yard line, wows were yelled in my living room. Amazingly, the Vikes had a chance immediately.

Then, the Vikings went three and out. Settling for a 40-yard field goal seems short of what would be needed against the explosive Giant offense and when it went wide right, it seemed the Vikings were doomed.

But the Giants did not capitalize. Instead, the Vikings D held tough. Against the odds (pregame shows hyped Eli Manning's paltry 5 INTs this year), Darren Sharper picked off Eli deep in Giants territory and Minnesota had the ball 17-yards from the promised land.

But the calls of doom were not far off. The Giants blocked a 32-yard attempt by kicker Paul Edinger. Maybe the Vikings were doomed.

And the Vikings D surprised us all again. It climaxed with Darren Sharper's 92-yard touchdown interception return. After no offense (the word inept comes to mind), the Vikings were in the lead 7-0.

When it was all done, three unlikely plays led to all the Vikings touchdowns. After Sharper's long INT, Koren Robinson returned a kick return for 86 yards and Mewelde Moore returned a punt for 71 yards. It was amazing.

Without the offense getting it together, the Vikings were beating the New York Giants on the backs of the defense and special teams. Two of the weaknesses stepped it up and delivered the improbable W.

Now the believers should return. Even without Daunte and without any offense, the Vikings win. The faithful are sucked back in. The glimmer of hope is alive! Yep, you're sucked back in.