Monday, November 28, 2005

Tark Gives Thanks

Hello to everybody in the land of Purple. Tark has a lot on his mind today, and decided since it is the season, Tark is going to list what he is thankful for. Tark is glad to have those who remained on the band wagon with him during this turbulent but coming of age season. Tark hopes all had a great thanksgiving holiday. Tark has been non stop since the win in Green Bay. No time to collect the thoughts, so here we go with what Tark is thankful for.

First and foremost, Tark is thankful for friends. Tark enjoys all who stop and say hi, or take a snapshot with him. Tark is also thankful for the great friends that roll with him every Sunday and put up with all the shenanigans Tark does. But Tark is mostly thankful for the crew from Center City. Don and Bev put on the best tailgate party in the area, they have the best war wagon, and the best eats and drinks. Tark would be pretty lonely with out all these great people. Thanks to all.

Tark is also very thankful for a friend name Tremmel. This dude had enough guts to ask Tark to roll to Green bay with him, and take over the town and Lambeau. Great time had by all, the camper was good but the box rocked. That is right Tremmel picked up a box and invited all the Center City crew plus Tark to help invade Lambeau. Tark had the time of his life. The tailgating in the designated Minnesota lot rocked, too bad Tark can't say much more for the Lambeau lot tailgaters. Matter of fact, Tark had to search for a tailgate party, then come back to camper because none was found. Tark would also like to thank Scoops and Remi for the great lyrics that was offered on the campers stereo. And, also Rob for stepping in and painting up Tark, and Jesse for giving some security and making sure all went well on trip. Tark had Lambeau all wrong. They are very nice people, very old people, and are all pussycats. Tark is also glad to say, they have all excepted losing well. Nothing but well wishers to Tark and the gang after Tark broke out the broom that the Purple used to sweep the Pack this year. So in the future, make the drive to Lambeau and represent the purple in a very proud fashion. It is a very hospitable town and there are always many other purple fanatics there also.

Tark is also thankful for the Viking Defense, and especially Pat Williams, Darrin Sharper, and Antoine Winfield. How long has it been since we were thankful for the Defense? This group has kept us in the hunt during this big winning streak. This was what Tark expected when these guys were signed. Keep plugging the whole big Pat, no one does it better. As far as Mr Sharper and Mr. Winfield, just keep being on the field, you guys are awesome.

Well that about wraps it up for Tark. Writing the scroll is a lot easier when the Purple do their jobs. Lets keep this thing and rolling and continue to climb the ladder. Just remember faithful, three out of the last five are in our house. Keep up the intensity and the noise. Tark thanks all for being there and all the support.