Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A typical Fan

Hello faithful and welcome to another happy installment from Tark. Took a long time coming but Tark can finally say, "My god we are on a winning streak." Great win in New York. Total team effort in every way. But, Tark named this scroll "A Typical Fan." That is what we are going to chat about, What the typical bandwagon jumping fan had to sat about the victory in the Meadowlands.

Tark got a few calls after the game. Pretty much all of them said, what a lucky win, where was the Offense? Where was the running game? And, where was Brad Johnson? Tark replied I don't know but we still won. That is the main point, we still won. We are in the heat of the season right now, what ever it takes to win do it. Tark thought our defense was outstanding. This group is really coming around. Tark can't say enough about Darrin Sharper and Pat Williams. Sharper had the game of the year. It was good to see him doing the stuff we signed him to do. Tark loves Pat Williams. This guy can sure plug the hole. Nothing will be gained in the middle on him.

Tark also loved the special teams. Tark knew Robinson was going to get one this year, but Tark believes he will get more. Run backs that is. This is the point Tark is trying to stress. This squad had a total effort Sunday. Just because one part of the equation, the offense, isn't working. The other half has to pick up it's game. That is just what happened on Sunday. Come on faithful, when is the last time we congratulated the Defense? Feels good, doesn't it. Team effort, that is the name of the game. What ever it takes, get it done.

So, don't be a typical fan. Don't complain about one thing, cheer and fell good about all the other things in the game. Don't be discouraged one part of the equation isn't performing, let the other two parts know they are doing a good job of keeping us alive. Don't tell Tark about how many yards the offense had, tell Tark about the special teams efforts. The door is closed on the band wagon. I hope you are one of the elite fans riding with Tark, not a typical fan crying on the curb.