Monday, December 12, 2005

Greatest Show on Turf?

Hello followers of the soon to be NFC North division champions. Tark here, just sitting down at the old keyboard with my victory 7/7 in hand. As I sip on sweet victory I have two questions to pose to the purple nation. Who really is the greatest show on turf, and Why not the Vikings for division champions. So sit back and hang on, oh yea, feel free to respond with your thoughts.

The St. Louis frickin Rams. Yea maybe two to six years ago the greatest show on turf, but not anymore. Tark has waited many years to have this group of overachieving ball hogs to come to our house. The cast is pretty much the same, except that Kurt Warner is gone. One person, is that what it takes to destroy a super bowl team. Tark has to disagree. We lost Pepper, and all we do is win. They lose their quarterback and they go in the crapper. Once again hats off to Brad Johnson. Anyway, Tark has known for the past three years that if the Rams ever came North, we would smoke them. Once again Tark was correct. SO Tark well now rename the Rams to "The greatest show with a Nurf."

On to the Vikings. Tark just loves talking about the Defense. If you get bored, look up some of Tark's first entry's for the new football season. Tark was right on when he talked about how great these guys would be, once they got together. Tark loves just siting back watching the opposing offense put together a nice little drive, then out of nowhere have Sharper, Winfield or Williams ruin it with a great interception. Good work fellas, keep it up. Tark also gives a big hats off to the defensive front four. These guys are pressuring the quarterbacks, and big Pat is stuffing the run. These two keys will be huge in the upcoming games as all our opponents rely heavy on the run. This team is doing what it takes to win championships, stay on tract fellas, and the prize will be at the end of the tunnel

On to the Steelers. As you all know Tark has a pretty good relationship with the Steeler fans. Tark has visited both Three Rivers and Hines Field. Good times as always. Tark is looking forward to host the party this year. Tark has people flying in from the Burgh and the Tailgating is going to rock. So if you are in the area, stop by the lot and have a cocktail with Tark, Don, Bev and the whole gang. Tark is looking forward to this match up and believes that the streak will continue. Especially, like Coach Tice says, if we be loud and obnoxious. This is not a problem in 237, it is my other 63,000 friends that have to get up and make some noise. So, GET LOUD NORTHLAND.

Tark has to close as always by thanking some friends. Tark appreciates all the friends that stop by 237 and tell Tark to keep it up, you are doing a good job. Tark loves the support, and all who join him on third down. Tark also sends a shout to the best Maytag repair man in Nebraska. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else on Sunday.


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Vikes fan in corn country said...

Tark, keep the web site going my man, I can feel the extra 17 people tuning in for this shit!!! Pat Williams is key, I hope Dontarrious Thomas can catch Willie Parker in place of a hurt Newman. Klue is back - if you are within ears reach of 237 row 10 you know my favorite Viking! My next favorite dark horse to absolutly KILL the Steelers is actually a guy Tark clued us fanatics in 237 on to.... none other than CIATRIK FASON (tark, I can only think this guys name one way, you know the way, the way we will be chanting it on Sunday!). Here's to what promises to be a LOUD and exciting game. Cheryl if you call another Vikings defensive interception, we will win. I will be calling sacks all day long!!
Maytag repair out!