Monday, December 26, 2005

Seriously - See You Sunday

Hi, I'm Tark. I am the purple headed guy, in 237 that never gives up. Thanks for checking us out. Well, it is done. the 2005 season is in the books. What are you going to do? There were a lot of highs and lows this season. More off field than on field. Well that is what the media says. Tasrk says great season. Tark recognizes the 6 game winning streak than got us in the winning side of things. Tark recognizes the great play coming down the stretch, when Pepper got hurt. Tark just plain recognizes his love for the Vikings. That is why Tark says show up Sunday, and cheer like it meant something. You know, it still does mean something, it means pride. This is a homer page, and Tark is gonna go on and brag about the purple. So hold on, and once again, grab your favorite beverage and let's go.

It all stated last year about this same time. Tark got a present from the lovely Mrs. Tark. It was a puppy. Tark loved her. Tark named it Pepper. Next to Tark's biggest hero was Tark's dog. Well, it did not take long for Tark to know that Pepper loved him. We lost to Washington, and fell in to the play-offs. Pepper was there to lick Tark's face and let him know all was O.K. The Vikes lost to Philly, Pepper was there. This year, the VIkes started 1-4, Pepper was there. The purple rattled off 6 wins, Pepper was there. Either Pepper really loves the Vikes, or she loves Tark. Tark believes both are true. Tonight, when the fellas were done, Pepper was in Tark's lap licking his face. Pepper is a believer, every one should be a believer. This is where Tark is going. Be like Pepper, just believe, and always be there. Oh yea, if you want to lick Tark's face Sunday, go ahead.

These last two games rocked. Tark believes we just hit some hot teams. We had a great game against Pittsburgh, but just made some costly mistakes. You can not turn the ball over in the red zone three times, and expect to win. In tonight's game, Tark wished he was there. We could not stop on third down. You have to hold, on third and long. Too many conversions. All around great performance against Baltimore. Just hold on third down, we would have won. Get over it, though, and show up Sunday to give Chicago a hard time.

Tark will be there in full force on Sunday, 1-1-06. You know the whole gang in "237" will be there. Come out and be proud. With everything that happened, this year, we have a shot at a winning season. This game is against a play-off team, a first round bye as a matter of fact. This happens once every twenty years for the Bears. Let's ruin it. Come on out, and get loud. Show some Minnesota pride.Tark believes the future is bright with Ziggy. Give him a year, and lets see what happens. In the mean time, come on out Sunday, and show the boys we appreciate the effort to make this season suspenseful. Face it, we are all gonna be back next year, our play-off ticket deposits says so. Come on out and show your pride, and lets give Chicago some thing to think about before they go in to the play-offs.

If that doesn't work to get you there on Sunday, buy a dog. They know nothing about football, but they know when you are happy or sad. They will always be there for you regardless. Just ask Pepper.