Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Post Season Thoughts

Hello, everyone. Tark is back. Tark had to take a month off to follow the Steelers to their ultimate destination. If you are a faithful reader, you know Tark has a small following in Pittsburgh. Tark wishes the Steeler nation best wishes and a hearty Congrats on a great season, and a superbowl win. OK lets get her going...

Lots has happened since Tark last touched base with the fanatics. Things we will discuss in this edition are the coaching change, Dante's thoughts and wishes and a great little thing called the rumor mill. Tark will let you in on some hot topics and get your mind working and the wheels turning.

Coach Childress, welcome and good luck. Tark liked this pick up. The coach has a winning record where ever he has been. Granted, he has never been a head coach, but he has learned from some good guys. He was on staff win Wisconsin started winning those Rose Bowls. He also was with the Eagles win they made their run the last five years. But you all read know all that. He is the reason T. O. left the Eagles. The coach did not put up with T.O.'s lip and he certainly will use that ability here in Vikingland. Tark liked coach Tice, but really, how many chances are you going to give him. In his four seasons he made the play-offs once and fell in to them that year. He never finished better than 9-7, and always was associated with a losing streak at some point of the season. Tark is anxious to meet Coach Childress at the Draft Party, and break this guy down. Change is good with him.

Dante, Dante, Dante, what are you thinking. Tark might be wrong but the last time we saw this guy, he was being carted off the grid iron with a shattered knee. Is he really in position to ask for a raise, or for that matter make any demands? Wouldn't be a bad idea to wait and see how the knee is before going crazy in the media. Tark can understand jealousy. Johnson came in and did good, for six weeks, but did not finish the job. We still did not make the play-offs and you were still regarded as our starting QB. Tark has no idea why Dante is not on board with Coach Childress. This guy made McNabb in to a superstar. He is very offensive minded and would help out Dante tremendously. Dante got a big raise last season. Let's wait and see how the knee turns out and give the new coach a chance. Remember this Dante, where ever you go, as long as you are the starting QB, the fans are always going to want the back-up. Use it for your advantage. No one thinks your competitive hunger is lacking. Use this anger to get the rest of the job done, and take your game to the next level.

Now on to the hottest rumors so far this off season. Forget what Tark just wrote about Daunte. If he wants to go, let him. We don't need anyone that is not ready to start the season with a fresh outlook and a fresh coaching staff. Tark has heard Arizona and Oakland both are willing to give up their first round pick for Daunte. That would be great. Tark thinks we could snag one of the Linebackers out of Ohio State, or possibly another QB. This one from Vanderbilt. If we can't draft a QB, don't worry. Tark believes Houston is willing to trade David Carr straight up for Troy Williamson. Carr could be good with an experienced O-line in front of him. Tark believes WIlliamson was a bust. Maybe Tice did not use him properly, but We wouldn't know that because he hardly ever played. One more rumor to hash over then Tark is out. Edgerin James or Shawn Alexander. One of these two will be in Purple next season. Tark believes Ziggy has the cash and gumption to make a monstrous signing like on of the two. Tark believes Ziggy likes Alexander a little better. Watch for a big pay day in the near future. Tark believes Ziggy is also going to work fast with these signings. Look at how quick he got a new coach. Ziggy is a no nonsense guy, either you take the deal or not. Tark believes Ziggy is going to have a successful free agent signing period and get who he wants.

Well that is all from the bunker now. That is right Tark is working out of a bunker now, getting ready for draft day and next season. SO back to hunkering down and waiting for the next hot rumor. Till then,



Joseph said...

Welcome back Tark. I'm a young buck, but have a little knowledge of the game...Last season we made some nice moves on paper I've seen in a while. On the flip side we have a lot of offensive backs with contracts ending.....some much change is headed our way for sure, but let's hope it's a playoff contending team. Also I got a chance to see our 2006-07 schedule somewhere on and it looks pretty good for OUR team with quite an easy schedule. With the draft coming after the combines..and our team needs a new direction to go. I say we go "old school, family fun". I think the playcheck player riegn is soon coming to an end with new rules and technology for play calling in the game, it's time for the player of heart to shine. I mean in this, primetime is rookie time...players that yet to really push through will take over, just like in the late 60'-early 70's. I would like to see that hungry Purple Defense eat up a few of these pocket passers from the late nineties. Passing has become presicion, not flare ( Farve's season on how backs eat up the deep ball has become appearant proving this point as an obvious ) and the short tight passing game will be the standard measure of all QB's. I think picking up a nice "Mike" would be very nice to addition to our defense linebackers. The Vikings pride on thier past of having the hungriest hard hitting D in the NFL panning even before the infamous "Purple People Eaters". And we all know that Peyton Manning's "extra option" offense is being replicated and implemented into AFC offenses (like the Palmer & the Bengals) and am looking foreward to the adaptation in the NFC "west coast style". Keeping that in mind for offenses, adding Shaun Alexander (a RB used to running power LEFT, rather than right) could add very explosive ball movement in the short passing game on the LEFT side which has always been in my mind the crutch of the Vikes offense. Also having Bryant McKinney ( a huge wall i might add) can split into a 2 gap lane for Alexander on counters to the weak sides. I think if any pick should be made from Zygi for a new RB leader, i say bring on SHAUN!

Vikes fan in corn country said...

Tark, good to hear the Tark rant again - missed it these last months! Here is 2 cents from a lifelong purple die hard now living in Omaha.
Like the way Zigy gets things done - he's going to put up some money for players and a stadium. I'm going to back Childress like I did with Tice, Denny, Burns, and everyone except Les Steckel. Glad Studwell stayed on for college player evaluation. Alright on to the good stuff...
Free agency. Alexander or Edge in purple would be mighty sweet. How about Vinatieri or Vanderjagt too? We need LB and depth on O-line. I don't see anyone jumping out like RB and K at LB - Julian Peterson SF? Hope our young LB's on the roster keep stepping up. O-line maybe Flanagan GB, or Runyan Philly, or Shields KC? I'm sure we will buy some good talent with our excellent amount of cap money left.
Draft. I hope LenDale White of USC slides to us (if we don't get either free agent). Not sure if Maroney is good enough, but he was fun to watch as a Gopher.
What to do with 3 starting CB's? Nice problem to have vs. where we have been eh? Winfield to free safety? Rotate to keep fresh and healthy?
Healthy Matt Birk back is going to be excellent - can't believe how much we missed that young stud!
Looking forward to '06, should be an excellent year.
Got to finish with a little humor. How about this for a backfield, we pick up Ricky Williams and pair him up with Onterrio. High times baby!!

Vikes fan in corn country said...

Vikings Defense is going to do some shit this year!!!!!

I'm frickin' excited!