Sunday, April 23, 2006

New Jerseys Should be Purple & Yellow

I saw a picture of what could be the new Vikings jerseys. Of course, these may not be the final design or even a proposed design but I can discuss what I've seen anyway.

These jerseys look like Bronco knock-offs at first. Initially, I was surprised by purple & white. Personally, I would expect the stripes should be more yellow/gold. For me, the Vikings are purple & gold, not purple & white as the jerseys show. Maybe more gold piping?

But looking carefully, I see that the white vertical stripes roll over the shoulders to make Viking horns. That's a sweet look. I still think more gold but that nuance makes a big difference.

Why New Jerseys?

New owners, new design. But seriously, do we really need a new design? With the jettisoning of players recently (Moss, Culpepper, Burleson, Bennett, Chavous) you don't need a new design to inspire sales!

If you want to see the new jerseys unveiled, be sure to visit the Mall of America this Thursday, 27 April. For more information, see at at