Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pre-Season Thoughts

Good to see the Purple Faithful out tailgating on Monday night. August tailgating is almost as good as December tailgating. Dress appropriately is just as important, too.

The Defense looks good. The loss of Greenway is unfortunate, but we're getting lots of pressure. 5 sacks, IIRC. Nice job, gentlemen...

The Offense looks good. The line gives Brad plenty of time. The improved blocking is helping our running game. Nice to see the fullback get in the end zone, too.

The Special Teams look okay. Obvious mishap for Williamson with the fumble, but the other dudes are taking that job and *running away* with it. Kasper, huh... I'm sure some jokes will come about shortly... %>

Skol Vikes!

Jim "BleedPurpleGuy"

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Vikes fan in corn country said...

Nice to see some life on this site...
Vikings Defense will be flying around making plays - I predict a nice season for them, top 10 overall, in sacks, and in turnovers. I see them getting beat deep a few times, even with the vaunted Tampa 2, when teams keep extra blockers in for our purple people eater like front four and we don't blitz. But overall I think they will do well.
Vikes offense may struggle a little the first three games against the best in the NFL but I think they will get on a roll as the season progresses. Gotta love Hutch and Tony blocking for us this year. Birk back is KEY.
Looking forward to seeing all my buddies in 237 baby - skol - Cia-Trik-Fas-On. See you tailgating 9/17 - we gotta be the LOUD 12th man against the Panthers!