Sunday, September 24, 2006

2-1 is Good - It's All Good Which Makes It Great!

Sure today's loss is hard to take. But it was a very good effort. I refuse to belive it's over and will look for the positive. The Vikings lost a defensive struggle 16-19. It was an amazing game. The Bears D is great and this was a test for the Minnesota Vikings. Honestly, they did well and it was good. The Vikings are a team coming together. Circle December 3rd. The Vikings travel to Chicago for a rematch. That should be good!

For the Vikings, it's all good. The offense is good, the defense is good, and the special teams squad is good. Together all that goodness makes the Vikings great.

Simply said, the Vikings are good. Brad Johnson is good. Troy Williamson is good. Travis Taylor is good. Jim Kleinsasser and Jermaine Wiggins are good. Together, the offense is good.

On defense, there are so many names you know and the players are also good. You can argue that Darren Sharper and Fred Smoot are better than good. And Williams and Williams (Pat and Kevin) are also more than good. But if you did a league-wide survey (and checked last year's Pro Bowl roster), you can see good is the concensus.

On special teams, Ryan Longwell is good. Great? Nope. The return game with Mewelde Moore and Troy Williamson are both good. Their return yardage is good.

Would you want to pin your championship hopes on any one of these players? No (unlike the previous Randy ratio regime). Because of that and their head coach, together this team is great.

I bet you noticed that I left off Chester Taylor. Wanna know why? It's easy: He's not good. He's Great.

So remember how good today's game was and look forward to something great.