Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Vikings Live Up to Name & Recognition

Though not much has been said about the Vikings opening Monday Night Football on ESPN but that is an honor. For the second straight year, the NFL has requested/demanded/decreed that the Vikings will appear on the national stage. Last year, it was the nationally television second half of the Sunday double-header. The Vikings trounced the Cowboys while the nation watched.

This year, it was on the road in Washington. It certainly is an honor for Minnesota to be in Washington D.C. on the 5th anniversary of September 11th. The crowd was amped and fired up. Though the Redskins have struggled in the preseason, this is an NFL team that made and won in the playoffs last year. The Vikings meanwhile were also coming off a somewhat successful season but had turned over its coaching staff.

Congrats to Minnesota for the honor and for living up to that honor by playing a very good game in a charged atmosphere. The NFL honored the Vikings with the opening night on Monday Night and the Vikings did not disappoint. Congrats Minnesota!

Timing is Everything!

The Redskins have the pieces and are implementing a new offensive scheme. Though the emotion of the night could have overcome the Vikings, it seems that now is the right time to face Washington. In the NFL, it’s not whom you play. It’s when you play them. I think the Vikings will look back and be grateful they opened their season against this potentially dangerous team.