Sunday, December 24, 2006

Don't Blame Tarv & Focus on Next Year

Wow, what an amazing game. The Vikings were in it despite their offense generating nothing but dropped passes. I was tryingto figure out what happened and I can't fault Tarvaris. After all, do the Vikings really want a running quarterback? I'd think not. There's more than being one-dimensional. I don't blame Tarvaris in the loss. It's year 1 and he's learning.

The loss eliminated the Vikings from playoff contention. Maybe that's good. It's been a bad year and now the focus can shift on moving forward. Now, the Vikings can relax, have a Merry Christmas, and starting thinking about making it a happy New Year.

Next week will be interesting. It's the ex-explosive offense of the Saint Louis Rams versus the ex-explosive offense of the Vikings. Who knows what will happen?