Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Know Tarvaris is the Future But...

I know Tarvaris is the future but do Vikings fans need to boo their offense because it includes Brad Johnson?

I was at today's game and was shocked into laughing. The Vikings offense struggled after their quick strike to take a 7-0 lead. The Jets flew up and down the field like a runway while the Vikings were grounded.

The fans were furious. "We Want Jackson" was the chant and they got what they wanted.

What do you think? Is it okay to boo the Vikings at home or do you need to support them?


Don said...

I believe that booing is awful! They are my team no matter what! Booing will only make the situation worse. I have NEVER been taught in a psychology class that negative reinforcement works! I think that it is tacky and rude.

That's just me, I guess.....PURPLE PRIDE!


Don said...

Yes, I was also at the game. The fans were right. Childress has been
stubborn in making this change. The offense has pretty much been
non-existent all year. A change needed to be made sooner!
- Chad

Don said...

I agree. Jackson was a spark plug and made it possible to win. That's really all you can ask. However, should fans boo? And should a coach respond to booing?

It was disgraceful and I can only hope Brad's family wasn't at the game, too.

Don said...

It's not disgraceful. He is a professional athlete. If they don't
perfom, the fans have the right to voice the frustration they have with the game.


Dan said...

I agree...booing your team doesn't help, but on the same note when you are paying anywhere from $50 to $100 a ticket, plus $15 for parking and $4.50 for a drink and $5.00 for a chicago style dog, I think the paying fan deserves the right to boo a professional organization thats offense has played consistently like "poo poo" and a coaching staff that has done next to nothing to make an adjustment to it. Its the fan bases' main way to communicate to their either cheer or boo. Do the fans have a right to boo "millionaire's" playing a game for a living? You bet they do! I think most middle class fans would give their left one to get paid that kind of money and get a few boo's for leading the league in penalties or whatever else they are completely sucking at.

Don said...

I see what you are saying. I was okay with the "We want Jackson" cheer but don't like the booing. The only thing worse was the mock cheer when Brad Johnson completed a pass to Troy Williamson for a first down. The convergence of those three things on one play received a loud mock cheer.