Thursday, December 21, 2006

Key to Today's Green Bay Game

Today, I woke up and have all of this energy for the game today! Man, do I wish that I were in Green Bay, WI!

Q and A's that I have found on the Internet.... Let's have some fun today and just chat!

Q and A with Coach Childress:

How much stock will you put in Jackson's performance on Sunday?

A: That's always ongoing. You are always looking to see time and distance, how fast is he accelerating the curve, did he stay the same, did he get worse, did he get better. I have high expectations for him, and he's prepared. He's ready to go at this point and I think he put it on tape the other day.

What do you like best about Tarvaris Jackson?

A: We liked his skill set coming out obviously and that would include how he thinks. Obviously, for a quarterback not just his arm, not just his athletic ability. The guy's got to be able to communicate. He's got to be able to make decisions quickly and effectively, and we saw those things and continue to see it through training camp on.

Can you confirm your starting quarterback?

A: Well you guys have seemed to snuff it out already. Yeah, Tarvaris (Jackson) is going to start. I think when you make a decision like that, first of all you visit with the guy that was starting. I don't like to knee-jerk; I don't like to be emotional after a game, which you typically are. Come back to the office and obviously we have preparation for Green Bay. Look at that game film, evaluate it, think about what you are going to do, sleep on it, and then decide, so I don't do that just to do it. I think we needed a spark at that point in time. I think he gave it to us. There is an evolution, as there will continue to be with a first-year quarterback, but he's managed to put it on tape, and it's not something that probably he could have done or I would have wanted him to do game three, game four, game eight, game nine. It's just that he was able to get it on tape. He's a quick study, and I'm not foolish enough to think, having coached rookies before, that this won't continue to evolve. He's not going to be a finished product.

Is that as much of a statement, him being able to win now as well as in the future?

A: Well the future is the future, but he'll give us the best chance to win right now just based on what I saw off of that tape.Q: Given the short week and the skill set, how much can you change the offense for him?A: You do a few things, but really still in all you are attacking their scheme of defense in Green Bay. The front they are playing, the coverage that you are playing with specific routes, and all the while you are mindful of what people do better than others. But it's not like you taper a complete game plan toward one quarterback or the other.

How did Brad Johnson handle the news?
A: Just like the pro that he is.

Q and A with Packers' Linebacker AJ Hawk

What have you noticed about the way Chester Taylor runs? What makes him difficult to deal with?

A: I think he's a good physical back who has great leverage when he runs the ball. He's going to run hard, and I think as a linebacker you respect guys that run hard like he does. The biggest thing that I think it takes to be a good running back is to have great vision, and I think he does. He's going to hit creases and he has the speed to take it when he can. He's also patient enough to let things develop and then get up in the hole and take it where he needs to. He has all the great things that running backs need to make them successful.

Is he pretty physical for his size?

A: Yeah, I think he is. He runs hard, and I think when people see guys that aren't as big as some other guys, they might not think they're as physical, but they can definitely still be very physical, like I said, if they run with great leverage and want to run hard every day.

How do you evaluate this Vikings' offense now? What do you have to do to be successful against them?

A: I think you definitely have to stop the run. They're a very physical team, and they like to run the ball. If a team can be two-dimensional and run and throw the ball on you, it makes it a lot tougher, so just like every other week we know we have to stop the run first and try to make them one-dimensional because when a team can have a balanced passing and rushing attack, it makes everyone's job a lot harder.

So...Any thoughts on these comments? Thoughts on today's game?

Viking Meshell