Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gus is Good...For the Moment

The Vikings are talking to quarterback Gus Frerotte to fill a quarterback opening. I think it's a good idea to finally bring in a solid veteran to back up Tavaris Jackson. Before I call this a good move (it's a good idea so far!), I would have to know where Gus is at and perhaps why Saint Louis let him go.

No matter what, we cannot say Brooks Bollinger is the answer. I think many of us thought that the day he was acquired. What do you think?

So Gus covers the moment. Now, we need a plan beyond today. I think the Vikings draft board has to include a quarterback and the Vikes cannot count on something opening up via training camp cuts. I'm not saying that Tavaris cannot recover. I think he could. But I do think that you need a plan in case he does not.

So for now, Gus is good.