Monday, November 10, 2008

Vikings/Packers - A Game Worthy of the Rivalry

28 to 27 - the game could not be closer. The game Sunday is worthy of the great rivalry between Minnesota and Green Bay. 2008 continues a great tradition of hard-fought, it's-never-over, matches. And as it should be, the home team won.

Okay, some pieces of Sunday's game are not worthy of the rivalry. Two bad offense trying to outfail each other is not worthy of the classic Black and Blue division.

But much of the game was. It's great that both teams were 4-4 and needed a win. What is worthy is Adrian Peterson and Ryan Grant fighting for every yard. Worthy is two defenses locking horns. Worthy is also two teams working 60 minutes and not giving up. It's worthy that it comes down to the last minute of the game.

As it should be Sunday ended five straight wins by Green Bay. To make a rivalry relevant, each team needs it's day in the winner's circle. Each team needs to lose to fuel the anger for the rival. After five straight losses, I think it's only right that Minnesota returns to the win column. The win by Minnesota puts the all time series at 45-49 with 1 tie (I found the stat in a newspaper article but couldn't find a second source so this is unverified). The all-time series is almost as close as Sunday's score. And that's as it should be.