Monday, January 5, 2009

Good News; This Can Be Fixed!

I know it's bad to fall to Philly. I don't like the Eagles. They are one team I don't like to see win. It sucks to talk about "next year" and there is no trophy for "Next Year's Champion." But there's good news.

This can be fixed! There's one OBVIOUS problem with the Purple (sorry, Zig, it's not the stadium). The problem is QB. And it's a problem that can be addressed. Look around the league: Do you want to try and fix the Detroit Lions? Want to tackle Ohio's Cleveland or Cincinnati? Where would you start? Do you have any idea what's wrong with the Saint Louis Rams? Where do you start in Dallas? The only team I see with Minnesota's problem is Chicago. If one team can land a quarterback over the other, it will add to the black & blue rivalry.

So Minnesota's situation is bad but repairable. The hard question regards USC quarterback draft choice John David Booty. Is next year his year? If yes, then no major signing or trading is needed. If he's Hertz (not exactly), then a move is needed. And when I say it's time for a move, I'm not talking about grabbing a Brooks Bollinger during the final week of preseason (2006). I'm talking about making a move before training camp begins so a system can be built around the QB.

That can be done and that's very good news.