Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Sky is Falling, Love is a Strange Thing

"It's official. Favre is a Viking." is the text message from MaryAnn at 1:34. My reply showed I was dumbstruck, "What?" I truly believed the Brett Favre story was over; I thought Jason was dead.
It's August 18. It's not Friday the 13th but it sure feel like it. The dead has risen.
If the Vikings want to be talked about, they should be happy. There are fans suddenly vying to see practice video. I'm sure traffic around Winter Park is crazy.
This adds interest to a meaningless preseason game. Now, Chiefs/Vikings is a blockbuster!
For me, I will finally get to find out which QB is expendable.
This helps the best team in the NFC North for now. There is still a long-term problem at QB but no one will talk about that. I think this may haunt Coach Childress but I will enjoy watching until then. What do you think?