Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Favre Falling Apart, the Vikings Avoid Overconfidence, and Peter King Thought

Fading Favre?
What's going on? The Bears carve up the Vikings? It wasn't that cold, was it? Favre's team last year had a bit of a collapse but speculation as he was hurt. I don't blame Brett for the loss as completing 26 of 40 is pretty good but I have to wonder if the sideline drama from last week is affecting the cohesiveness of the locker room. Where has the drive we saw earlier this year gone?

No Overconfidence
There is one good thing about the Vikings' faltering late in the season: they will not go into the post-season overconfident! The bye may be at risk but the Vikings still control their destiny and need no help to get a week off and a home game. In the league, that's a great situation despite a bad Monday night loss.

Regular Season Exhibitions at Full Price - Peter King
Peter King wrote about the lack of starters in a game like the Indy/Jets game. His great article is here:

I had to reply considering the other games without starters:
Hey Peter,I'm glad you point out the games that don't matter as point #2 in "2. I think the NFL is going to have to ask questions to the Competition Committee, and soon, about whether it's smart to ask fans to pay real money if teams are going to treat late-season games like exhibition games.", but the fans with season tickets also pay full price for pre-season games that truly are only exhibitions. With so few games the ratio of 2 full-price scrimmages seems obnoxious. Any chance you can mention that too?

What are your Vikings or NFL thoughts?