Monday, October 18, 2010

Good Weekend - Vikes Rise Because All Others Fall

After the weak weekend of football, the Vikings are back to controlling their own destiny. With the NFC showing no real favorite, the division is wide open.

It was ugly, but the Vikings had the best ugly game of the weekend in the NFC North because their game ended with a win. The early games all went Minnesota's way. The Lions fell to the Giants, the Packers lost at home to the Dolphins, and the Bears somehow lost the Seattle.

So the Vikings are back. With two of the most explosive players in football in Randy Moss and Adrian Peterson, can you say the Vikings are out of it? No way. Can Minnesota beat Chicago, Green Bay, or Detroit? It's possible. And if somehow the Vikings cannot win the divsion, a wild card might be available to an 8-8 team.

Or do you think they can't win 6 more games? That's what I thought.