Friday, September 9, 2011

Houston, "we" have a problem!

"GO TEXANS"??!?!?   Yes, that is what I had to type in tonight to log into the Internet at this hotel in Humble, TX.  Didn't anyone let them know that the Herrick's were off on their yearly Vikings away game adventure?!?!
  • Getting to the airport only to find out that your bag is over weight by 8 lbs.- $100 if you don't find a plan B for the items.

    If it wasn't purple or didn't have horns, we didn't NEED it. We pulled off the relocation. Whew!
  • Delighting in a "classic box" of goodies on the plane for dinner: crackers, smoozie cheese, sliced salami, pretzels, 100 calorie cookies, and a bag of goldfish for the discounted airline price of $8.

    Whatever happened to the free pretzels or peanuts?
  • Paying $7.99 for DirecTV during your flight to see the pre-game and kickoff of the opening day football Packers vs Saints.

    Love the DirecTV, however that you have to pay for it on every leg of your flight just isn't right.
  • Stay in a hotel because San Diego has a power outage- $58.00 on an airline discount.

    Apparently the Chargers lost their charge tonight.  Your power's out boys!!  

The rest of the story is to be continued.....

Every game experience truly is a "priceless" adventure!


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