Saturday, October 1, 2011

O & D OD (Overdose of Failure)

My daughter & I debated the Vikings problems. She started by saying it's time for Ponder. I think it's hard to say that because I don't know if Ponder's ready. Am I ready to throw him to the wolves (or Chiefs, Cardinals, or heaven forbid, the Bears)?
There's 2 sides to the 3 collapses.
Her story. Put in Ponder! The offense stalls, I don't like McNabb, never will, and we need Ponder. 1st half to 2nd half scoring is pathetic: 54 points to 3. 3? Yes, 3 points in the 2nd half. We need a new offense.
My story. The D needs to step it up! In the 2nd half, the defense stalls. 1st half wall to 2nd half sieve: 7 to 64. How is that possible? We don't need a new O, we need the D to keep the pressure.

Realistically, we're both right. The O probably cannot run with every team in the NFL, but if the D won't stop anyone, there's no chance (3 games of proof thus far). But without a break, the D tires. So the O needs to put together a nice long drive to give the D a break. If she's right and we need a QB change, I'm not ready for Ponder, but let's see if Webb can hold up...if McNabb's done. Big IF to me!

Here's the game-by-game breakdown:
1st/2nd Scored 1st/2nd Allowed
17 / 0 7 / 17
17 / 3 0 / 24
20 / 0 0 / 23
------- ------
54 / 3 7 / 64

What's your take? O or D? Is it time for Ponder? Maybe Webb?