Friday, November 9, 2012

Do Not Despair - This is a Good Year

I've heard the grumbles and frankly am a little confused. Besides perhaps Indianapolis, the Vikings are the "Welcome Back" story of the year. I realize the losses at home to Tampa and on the road in Seattle are disappointing, but there's so much hope. 5-4 is not a bad record, especially in the NFC which is shaping up to be a tough Conference. Heck, the NFC North is shaping up to be a tough Division. The Lions are a good team, but with the Purple Pride Power at home, I see a victory, a 6-4 record and a bye. Whatever you do, do not look ahead! The season is going to be brutal, but instead, look back. Look back to last year, when it all fell apart, and the Vikings were in conversations for the worst record. The Viking ship is turning around, and like a giant barge, the turnaround is not instantaneous, but the pieces are falling into place. Professionals always talk about "day by day" or "game by game". If you're reading this, I'd say be a professional fan and do the same thing. Don't look ahead because you lose focus on the present (aka texting & driving) and instead keep your eyes on the road & enjoy that this year is not last year. If you think a player or coach is "the problem", know that they have the 2nd half of the season (half is pre-bye, half post in my eyes) to redeem themselves or be replaced. Do not despair. A winning streak can start now & change everything. Bleed on, Don