Thursday, September 16, 2004

GameDay Report with 32 and 59

Today I attended Vikings GameDay and happened to sit right in front of the chair where RB Onterrio Smith (#32) and LB Michael Nattiel (#59) sat. After collecting their autographs, I asked them some questions about football.

Touchdown Audible to Onterrio Smith

I asked Onterrio what he was thinking after getting the ball. He said the Vikings have been practicing that play for two years. As soon as the Vikings saw that alignment, Smith said everyone knew it was a touchdown. All the players on the line and all the players on the sideline knew a touchdown was coming.

About Monday Night

Both Smith & Nattiel are very excited about their first Monday Night matchup. Nattiel has an ex-roommate playing for Philly so he's extra excited about the game. If I remember right, Nattiel called it "crazy." Smith couldn't sum up his feelings in one word but is completely ready for the spotlight. You should have seen the smile on his face. Honestly, the glow in his smile matched the glow coming from his beautiful cross necklace. Yes, he's ready and I sense no pressure felt at all! He is ready!

D on Tight End

The Dallas offense loves to use the tight end so I had to ask the linebacker how they stopped the Dallas weapons. Nattiel said Dallas wasn't throwing to the tight ends often and Keyshawn was getting the ball often. It looked to me like the linebackers were covering the tight ends.

Lovin' the FieldTurf

Of course I had to ask about FieldTurf. Being second-year players, I asked them to compare last year to this year. Smith said it's softer and much easier to cut on. Nattiel said hitting the Metrodome turf was like hitting the tile floor at the Mall. The turf is softer. Hitting the 'Dome field would cause bruised knees.

There's a direct report from the players themselves.

Bleed purple!