Thursday, September 30, 2004

First Quarter Grade? C Minus (From Tark)

Hello fans of the purple, and a how are ya to the 64,217 close friends of Tark. Well, the first month of the season is over. Tark wants to talk about what he calls the first quarter of the season. Tark is giving the purple crew a C- so far in the campaign. Tark has some highlights and low points to discuss in this edition. Everything from the underachieving Defense to Pepper's all of a sudden case of the fumbles. So let's get in to it and find out what is going through Tark's head at this point.

Tark is going to get right in to the defense. Tark had such high hopes for this group back in the beginning, but the group has not accomplished too much. At this point Tark was hoping to rave about our front four. Once again, this group is empty. A few sacks here and there, but not enough pressure on the quarterback. We have gotten rung up on passing yardage in most games. There is just no pressure. Tark is tired of standing on the rail on third down, because it is not helping. Opponents are making everything. The line backer corps, are trying. They are not trying enough. They are not shutting down the run. Tark sits in his favorite chair in the world, and watches all these running backs get 5-7 yards a carry. Come on fellas suck it up. The secondary is doing all right. Tark is not seeing as many turnovers as he did last year, but the coverage is good. Winfield was a good pick-up and can hit harder than Tark hitting a Packer fan. I know what you all are saying right now, but Tark, we are 2-1 and tied for first.Well this is true, but our Defensive unit has to step up or it will all head south. Once again Tark believes it all comes down to pressure on the Quarterback. Hovan and the boys need to step it up. At least start getting after the run.

Now Tark wants to talk about the Offense. At this point go ahead and get a beverage or something because this won't take long. THEY ARE GREAT. Everything is going as planned. Tark loves watching Randy just own his field. Tark believes he is quickly developing in to the go to, #1, most feared, get it done, guy. Anytime the purple need yardage throw to Randy. Tark can't say much about the running game. Smith is good, but we won't be seeing him for a month. Tark is really looking forward to the return of Bennet. He is a very explosive and fun to watch back. His return will be huge. The only bad note is the hesitation and misball handling of Pepper. Tark was very discouraged watching the Eagle game. Our boys came to play, and the game should have been ours. YOU HAVE TO SCORE INSIDE THE 5 YARD LINE. Play like champions while moving the ball, then finish the job. Tark knows now how much the absence of Kliensasser amd Moe is now. They were truly missed in Philly. Hang on to the ball Pepper, and finish the drive.

Going in to the Bye, the Purple look like a bad MASH episode. Every time the play is stopped Tark waits to see if everyone gets up, or if Radar is sending in Hawkeye. Tark knows he have some banged up fellas. Tark also knows it is early, but we have to gut up and cover our fallen guys. This is being done. Tark was really impressed with the play of Dorsey on the line. This guy just turned 21 and is playing like a season veteran. If his play keeps up, Tark is not worried about missing Rosenthal. Tark also like the play of ends, Owens and Duggin. These guys have great hands, and are filling in fine. They just have to learn to block a little. As long as the backups can step up the injury situation will be fine. But, lets not make it a habit of losing two guys a game.

Well that is all Tark has to say, If you agree let Tark know if you don't, still let Tark know. Enjoy the bye week, After it the schedule looks a little better, lets come back and put some space between the wins and losses next month. Hopefully the Crew will get their grade up next quarter. Take care.