Thursday, October 14, 2004

Vikings Seeking Robinson for Years

For years, the Vikings have been looking for Marcus Robinson, the exceptional, veteran wideout for the Minnesota Vikings. They didn't know it but now we all do.

This year, Robinson has been exactly what they wanted to see next to Randy Moss. Through 4 games, Robinson is racking up numbers: 14 receptions for 218 yards (that's 15.6 per catch) with 3 touchdowns. And that's sharing the ball with superfreak Randy Moss and the future star Nate Burleson.

It all started when Cris Carter walked away from football. Officially, he retired on May 22, 2002. Immediately, the Vikings were looking for a veteran to complement Randy Moss.

In 2002, The Vikings brought in veteran WR Derrick Alexander and veteran WR D'Wayne Bates. Though Bates was a Viking before Carter retired, we know that was a factor in his signing. Alexander did not work out and D'Wayne didn't make out after another year and was released in the off-season. With Alexander gone, in 2003, the Vikings were wideout shopping again. ESPN reported rumors that the Vikings are interested in free agent WR Peerless Price. That didn't pan out and Price is now probably enjoying playing with Michael Vick but he must be wondering...what if?

Instead the Vikings went young and on July 23, 2003 signed wide receiver Nate Burleson. There have been many other receivers to come in and leave Winter Park but now the Vikings are three deep again (remember those posters?).

I caught up to Marcus when he appeared on GameDay Live this week. Of course, I had to ask him a couple of questions and compliment him for his contribution in the Minnesota offense.

I had to ask him why Minnesota? Was it to flee the bad offense in Baltimore? It was simple for Marcus who joined Minnesota for two reasons: Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss. That's it.

Now Marcus is a physical receiver. He was asked about being grabbed and he didn't seem fazed. He doesn't mind being grabbed and admitted he grabs himself. I asked CB Brian Williams if that's true and he nodded enthusiastically with a smile.

When you line up the speed of Burleson and Campbell with the physicality of Moss and Robinson, all you can say is that Marcus is the piece Vikings coaches have been looking for.

With a great start to the season, we can simply sit back and enjoy.

Bleed purple,