Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Why You Can Trade Randy...But Shouldn't

I think we all know why you can't trade Randy. Simply said, he's a game-changing talent who alone can win you a game. To be honest, Randy plays at a level beyond everyone else. So why can you trade Randy?

Well, it came to me when I saw the billboard that said (you too can see it at Fox Sports at, "Zero Rings for Randy Moss...Priceless." To me, that's some bad karma. That's when it occurred to me.

Of course, I don't want Randy traded. I don't see the point in giving away a great receiver. We'll have to see what the Vikes get in return.

But when it comes to karma, I think there's something there. Terrell Owens, the 'great' did not get a ring. Do you really think it was because of Tom Brady & his funky bunch of Patriots? Well, maybe but it could also be karma.

Sometimes a great player can only go so far. If his attitude and self-love become too well known, it's hard to believe other players will want to win a ring for that player. In fact, I could see how someone could pay their good money to buy a billboard saying, "Zero Rings for Randy Moss...Priceless."

Think about that. What does it take for someone in Wisconsin to do that? Would they do that for Culpepper? Would you expect a similar billboard for Burleson? Bennett? Campbell? Well, maybe Campbell but you get my point.

If Randy is traded, I guess it will be interesting to see the effects next year. Does the team rally without a Randy ratio?

Burleson Emerges

There are a wide array of reasons why Randy Moss can go. Have you noticed the emergence or Nate Burleson? He is showing the promise to be a good #1 receiver. With Kelly Campbell's obvious receiving ability, you can see the Vikings have a serviceable one-two punch. I've been very impressed with the Vikings' receivers.

But the wide array of reasons for trading Randy become apparent when you look at the free agent market for wide receivers. Though none are as good as Randy, many are close. Look at these greats: Marvin Harrison and Plaxico Burress. If you can bring in these greats and you believe Randy is a problem, go for it.

Oakland's Elephant Graveyard

The rumor is that Oakland will be Moss' new home. If that's true, I'm not sure that's a compliment to Randy. If you look at Oakland recently, it looks more like an elephant graveyard than a promised land. The colors black and blue would be more telling than silver and black. In fact, Commitment to Excellence is not an achievement, it's more like a mission statement. If Randy goes to Oakland, he may want to leave his championship hopes in his Vikings lockers. I don't see Kerry Collins holding up the Vince Lombardi trophy anytime soon.

Don't Do It!

Despite the fact that is may somehow make sense to trade Randy Moss, you have to remember that Randy doesn't make sense. Should this guy passed over by most the NFL be all-NFL year after year? Should this guy be able to beat you on a bad wheel? Should he be able to moon your home crowd and you have NOTHING you can do about it? No way, but he does it anyway. Like I've said before, this guy is Neo from the Matrix. He is not your average coppertop. He's truly unique and you cannot draft that with the 7th pick or in the 7th round. Don't trade him.

What Would Fowler Do?

Reggie Fowler must be livid. He test drove a nice Vikings car but he's awaiting the financing. While his credit score is making its way through cyberspace, someone's trading Randy Moss. Someone is switching out the leather seats for vinyl. This is not the team he wanted to buy. As a new owner, can he seriously not want the most explosive player in the NFL? He must be shaking his head like most Vikings fans are today.


I can rant on but what's the point? Red doesn't care for the Minnesota Vikings any more than the Los Angeles Vikings. I hope he's happy.


Bleed on,