Tuesday, March 1, 2005

My Gut: Randy Stays

I know the trade is old news, but my gut tells me the Vikings don't pull the trigger on this one. Why? Well, some things don't seem right. I don't think it happens because the Vikings can't seriously be willing to give away Randy for next to nothing. Secondly, rumors out of Oakland are that Napolean Harris is not part of the deal but Ray Buchanan.

All that plus the Raiders' cap problem lead to 'no deal.' It's really that simply. No inside scoop, no anonymous source, just raw probably-wrong instinct. Is my gut wrong? Well, it won't take long to find out: The 2005 season begins tomorrow.


Brad Schroeder said...

ALAMEDA, Calif. (March 2, 2005) -- Randy Moss officially joined the Raiders on March 2, when Oakland completed a trade with the Minnesota Vikings for the star receiver.

Don said...

I guess my gut was wrong. Maybe it wasn't my gut but wishful thinking. I heard the Raiders requested a new contract for Randy before the trade. That rumor suggests this trade might have been on the edge.

In any case, the Raiders sure did make a big-time bold move.