Thursday, September 15, 2005

Rappin' With PA (Voice of the Vikings)

Tonight at Vikings GameDay Live, in addition to DE Kenechi Udeze (pictured with Abby & myself) and RB Mewelde Moore, we were lucky to have Vikings play-by-play specialist Paul Allen sit in for Rich Gannon who was on assignment (I think I heard he was covering the Tampa Bay game this weekend).

If you watch NFL Films (I love my NFL Network - DirecTV channel 212) or listen to Vikings games on the radio, you know Paul Allen's voice. (If you don't know PA, check out his bio on Weekly, the NFL will play sound bites from NFL games and I was surprised to hear PA often. Not only does his voice accompany Viking highlights, but his enthusiastic calls often complement plays by opposing teams. Yes, he's that good.

For me, his most memorable call was Arizona scoring to end the 2003 season for the Vikings. The touchdown by Arizona eliminated the Vikings from the playoffs and handed the division title and playoff spot to the Green Bay Packers. Though it was Arizona scoring, you did not hear the voice of the Cardinals celebrating. No sir. On NFL Films, you heard PA's agonizing call. His passion wrapping every word, his call reaching out to all.

I was excited about this chance to talk to the voice of the Vikings. Does he mimic anyone else? After all, he's as distinctive as Kevin Harlan of the Timberwolves (an ex-announcer, Kevin called both sides of the ball with enthusiasm and his greatness took him away from Minnesota to the national stage - TNT then FOX, I believe).

Talking to PA, he says he isn't emulating anyone. He's just being himself. I complimented his style but he admits some people don't like it. He compared his style to Howard Cossell - 50 % liked him, 50 % disliked him, and 100 % listened. PA just wants the same thing. He enjoys what he's doing and hopes his style is heard.

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Warpig said...

I live in Ohio. But I'm a die-hard, live and breath for the purple, VIKINGS Fan.

As such, I traveled to Cincinatti (2 hours, not bad) to watch my Vikes IMPLODE against the Bungles. THE BUNGLES.

I don't want to hear a bunch of crap about how "good" the Bengals are now. How dangerous they are offensively. If the Vikes had ANY SEMBLANCE AT ALL of an offense in that game, and gave the defense a chance at somewhat even T.O.P. (at halftime, it was 8ish minutes TOP for Vikes and 22ish minutes for the bungles) then things might have been different.

It was HOT. REAL hot. High 80's in the stands. And our offense couldn't keep on the field and allow our defense to catch their breath.

Heads need to ROLL, starting with the Offensive Coordinator, and not stopping there.


I even saw some Vikings Faithful in the stands ripping off their colors and throwing them at the sidelines.

That was the first NFL game I took my 11 year old boy to... What a disappointment.

Hang your heads in shame, it's going to be a long season.

(ps- did I say, heads need to ROLL.)