Friday, November 4, 2005

Culpepper Provides the Easy Costume

Have you ever been stuck on Halloween? With the pressure on, you don't know who or what to be. Then, it occurs to you because you're a Vikings fan.

I think I met a kid who either bailed on his previous costume or who was stuck. Either way, the kid's a genius. Amongst Dora the Explorer, Darth Vader, and even Trinity from The Matrix Movies was Daunte Culpepper. Normally, you wouldn't give a kid credit for throwing on a jersey and calling it a costume. After all, even I could do that.

No genius is in the details.

So it wasn't the purple #11 jersey that made the Daunte Culpepper costume remarkable - it was the crutches.

It's the easiest costume, yet brilliant. One #11 jersey and two crutches. Brilliant!

Bleed on,

PS What was your favorite Vikings-related Halloween costume?