Sunday, December 31, 2006

Vikings Fans Should Also Be Disappointed by Giants Victory

Last night, the Giants eliminated the Rams from playoff contention. Rams fans were disappointed. Rams fans were rooting for Washington and Vikings fans should have been, too. Why? Well, it's simple: With the Vikings season over, it's time to evaluate and look to next year. If the Vikings are doing that, they will play rookies and not often-seen talent. The goal is to see how good they are.

If the Rams are playing for a playoff spot, those Vikings will face a motivated team. They will face the NFL's best. Now, that's not likely.

The Rams are done. Now, they too will evaluate. This turns the game into a well-attended exhibition game. Does that help Minnesota? No. Now, the Vikings will see how their backups perform against the Rams backups. What will that tell you?

Yep, the Redskins let a lot of fans down when they went down with the ball at home against the New York Giants. Try to enjoy today anyway.