Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Free Agency Starts with a Thud & a Little Puff

This year, there's no big bang thus far. Free agency started off with a thud and a little puff. The thud was the leftovers hitting the front doorstep. Gone are Fred Smoot, Mike Rosenthal, and Jermaine Wiggins. I haven't heard any outrage though some may miss Wiggins. He was a great person to meet as a fan but the Vikings offense puts little effort into their tight end. In fact, they think so little of it, they converted Jim Kleinsasser from fullback to tight end. But the team moves forward perhaps smoothing out the rough edges.

That's the thud. Reports say those cuts freed up about $3 million for their salary cap.

For the puff, it was money that was quickly spent on names that might not end up being best-selling purple jerseys: Visanthe Shiancoe (tight end), Vinny Ciurciu (linebacker), and Bobby Wade (wide receiver).

However, Smoot never panned out so maybe big names are good to avoid. What's your take?