Friday, September 7, 2007

Don: What the Vikings Preseason Taught Me

Yes, it was preseason. It's a time when talent is evaluated and for some reason they track the score. Before anyone gets excited about the Vikings 2-2 preseason, I want to point out that no one went undefeated and two teams (Kansas City and Arizona) were winless.

I don't look at the record, I look at production. On defense, I saw a great 2007 coming. The defense forced turnovers. If you want to be completely sceptical, you can say the other teams made mistakes. Fine. I'll grant you that but I will point out the Vikings took advantage of that. They recovered the ball. That's something because they are not missing the opportunties and players are in position.

The offense is another story. Quarterback is a problem even with the acquisition of Kelly Holcomb. Speaking of Holcomb, does anyone else think it is strange that for the 2nd year in a row, the Vikings have traded late in training camp for a questionable QB? Last year it was Brooks Bollinger which still isn't paying off. Tarvaris Jackson has to produce based on what I've seen as he has no support. There is plenty of hope at running back. It will be exciting to see what Adrian Peterson can do. I saw a lot of 28 jerseys this preseason and I think those fans are optimistic, too. The line could be good and the rest of the offense will need their help to shine. But there's hope.

If you're concerned about the Vikings offense, you should be. In the past, the Vikings defense has been the weakness and a good offense couldn't overcome it. Now the table is turned. Before you get too, concerned, look to the Windy City. Just look east to see the lowly Bear offense and realize that the Vikings D can make a major impact in 2007.

My preseason watching showed me a good D and bad O. Honestly, I see a chance and I see a team worth watching. If you don't have the opener tickets, get them now. You might regret missing out of day 1 of this year.

Bleed on,