Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Frerotte Time!

It's official, the Jackson train has derailed again. ESPN reports that Frerotte is in at QB.

Childress has said that Frerotte is "the starter for the remainder of the season." The season? Well, I'd call that optimistic. Healthy QBs are a commodity. I'd like to make that Frerotte is "the named the starter for the remainder of HIS season".

This is a great move. Frerotte has an arm that can extend the field and has a calm, collected demeanor. I like this move because it can turn around the Vikings season. I do not believe the Vikings are out at 0-2 but they are being tested.

This is a move that can fire up the team and can especially motivate the Vikings receivers. The Vikings are led by Adrian Peterson's 5 catches. That's in two games! Ouch! Now, there has been good distribution - 11 Vikings have caught the ball in two games but 5 catches. I checked and 5 catches ranks you as tied for 74th in the NFL in receptions. Double ouch! After all, ex-Vikings Nate Burleson has 5 catches and he was out of the second game!

Give Credit to the Vikings:
It's great that this is possible. Signing Gus Frerotte was a key to the Vikings offseason. QB was a position that needed to be addressed. With the drafting of John David Booty and Frerotte, the Vikings were thinking about today and tomorrow.

Purple Shout Out: I'd like to give a purple shout out to Paul the Viking fan & his crash dummies. We talked purple last night. Skol, Paul!